Craniosacral therapy

Marleen offers Craniosacral therapy treatments at Kimaro. Craniosacral therapy originates from osteopathy. The founder is John Upledger.

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Marleen offers Craniosacral therapy treatments at Kimaro.
Craniosacral therapy originates from osteopathy, and was founded by John Upledger.

This holistic therapy sees the body as a whole, where all structures in the body are directly or indirectly connected by the connective tissue, called fascia. Fascia is a sort of sheet that enfolds the skull, spinal cord, all organs, bones, muscles, joints, blood vessels and nerves. Restrictions in the connective tissue can cause the body discomfort.

After an accident or operation, or owing to illness, stress and emotional events such as loss, sadness, fear and anger, our body’s natural self-healing capacity is often disturbed. The treatment aims to relax the body's connective tissue, to create more space in the body. The function of bodily structures improve and pain symptoms reduce or even disappear. Thus, the self-healing process can be (re-)activated.

Someone seeking treatment may have physical symptoms, but often they are non-specific, and the person may feel generally uncomfortable. Or, their energy is quickly drained or doesn’t last for long. Craniosacral therapy focuses on the physical symptoms as well as their possible causes. Sometimes they are of a purely physical nature, but often they may be of a psychological, or a combination of these.

The therapy has proven to alleviate symptoms such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, back problems, burn-out, sleep problems and stress. Treatment can also be recommended to promote inner peace, maintain/improve quality of life and overall wellbeing and relaxation.

During the session, which goes for about an hour, you will lie on your back and Marleen will treat you using gentle, manual techniques. Bookings may be made in advance. Or, make an appointment with Marleen in person once you arrive for your stay.

Price per session € 75
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