About us
Image of Robby and Marleen

Robby and Marleen first met at a very special spot in Tanzania: Ndutu Safari Lodge in the Serengeti. Robby is a photographer and was travelling annually to Tanzania to work on a photographic art project, in which he is capturing the African animal world in a unique and authentic manner. Marleen was living in Tanzania and was Lodge Manager of Ndutu Safari Lodge, where she expertly ensured that guests were always comfortable. Robby is Belgian and Marleen is Dutch. They’ve been living permanently at Kimaro Farmhouse since 2011. By setting up this property in France, they’ve been able to mix their passions of the great outdoors and Africa into a wonderful cocktail. You’ll notice this in the holiday cottage décor, which is dotted with African accents.

Our holiday cottage bears the name Twiga House. This name comes from the Kiswahili, the language most spoken in East-Africa and which means “giraffe”. Kimaro is a word, which was inspired by the Kiswahili language. KI is a prefix and MARO are the first two letters of Marleen and Robby’s names.
Their dream has come true – setting up this Burgundian farmhouse, a heavenly place where you’ll find rest and space. Kimaro Farmhouse stands for quality and authenticity on a small scale.